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Nano Tezer offers investors a gateway to investment opportunities in the area of nanotechnologies. The nanotechnology market is currently experiencing a promising stage of growth, making it an attractive space for both first-time and sophisticated investors. What is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a nano-scale, while а nanometre is one-billionth of a metre, or approximately one-90,000th the width of a single human hair. Manipulating matter at the atomic or molecular scale allows scientists to gain greater control of chemical properties. It is one of the most exciting and fast-moving areas of science. Lauded as the 'new industrial revolution', research and development into nanotechnology has significant implications for almost every industry. From nanotechnology-based solar panels that increase energy efficiency to therapeutics that make use of nanotech in the biomedical field, nanotechnology investing has far-reaching effects that are quickly transforming the world as we know it.
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Phone: +44 2037 692 909
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Domain Info: Registrar:NameCheap, Inc. - Registered On:2019-08-05 - Expires On:2029-08-05
SSL Info: Sectigo RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA - Valid from September 19, 2019 to September 19, 2020
Company Info: NANO TEZER LIMITED - Company number 12142033 - 200 Tower Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 2UN - Incorporated on 6 August 2019
Payments Account: U20756249-(Verified)-(NANO TEZER LTD)

Investment Plan
130% After 1 Day, 350% After 7 Days, 600% After 15 Days, 1500% After 30 Days, 3500% After 60 Days, VIP Plan 1 - 300% After 3 Days, VIP Plan 2 - 1000% After 10 Days, VIP Plan 3 - 3000% After 45 Days

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If RCB is less than these value: BTC $3, ETH $2, LTC $2, BCH $2, DASH $2 than you may request ref back via PM, Payeer
You can order RCB within 24 hour after your deposit.
Do NOT submit RCB request if you Re-invested from your account balance when there is no referral commission.
We only send RCB if we got the Referral Commission Paid.
Multiple IDs are not allowed, please refrain from abusing the system.
If your RCB request had been deleted, it means that you are not our referral or you broke the rules of RCB.
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Oct 28th, 2019 05:19:31 ua sho******* $10.00/$0.30 PerfectMoney U16******* Paid
Oct 26th, 2019 06:43:43 ru tef******* $100.00/$3.00 PerfectMoney U13******* Paid
Oct 25th, 2019 05:58:47 ru Ana******* $50.00/$1.50 PerfectMoney U14******* Paid
Oct 23rd, 2019 08:31:12 ru wex*** $500.00/$15.00 PerfectMoney U18******* Paid
Oct 23rd, 2019 08:31:13 ua Gur****** $290.00/$8.69 PerfectMoney U14******* Paid
Oct 22nd, 2019 06:54:41 ru tef******* $20.00/$0.60 PerfectMoney U13******* Paid

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